Saturday, December 30, 2017

Chapter 3.5: Joy Unhindered

§643 simoleons later and Jude is the proud owner of an adult Australian Stock horse named Cameo. She is agile but untrained. Jude is hoping that with some time, dedication, and trust he can make Cameo a winning racer.

It's going to take a lot of training on both parts.

The gnomes have never stopped being weird and creepy. Michael is just trying to relieve his bladder in peace and this gnome is not having it.

Time to tackle some handiwork. More and more of the household appliances have been upgraded but for some reason the dishwasher has always vexed Michael. 

 Bodica in all of her adorable cat glory.

Claude takes some time to visit his son Roman and meet his great-grandson.

"Any marriage plans on the horizon for you, Dahlia?"
"I only just moved out, grandpa, give me some time!"
"Don't let time get away from you. I almost did and I almost missed out on being with your grandma."

Claude's great-grandson Casey is Windy's son. He gets a warm feeling deep in his gut when he holds the baby. Who would have known he'd have such a large extended family?

"How does it feel to be a grandfather, Roman?"
"Seems like only yesterday I was moving out and falling in love and now my girls are grown."
Claude nods solemnly.
"Time slows for no man."
"It did for you."
"That was science not time and it's definitely catching up with us. We weren't meant to watch our children grow old and die. Varinia is truly heartbroken over the loss of Maeve. It's affected us both deeply. I never thought we'd live this long."
"I'm glad you have," Roman says with a smile. "You get to meet your great-grandchild and be part of Windy and Diana's lives. I can't be mad you and Varinia have lived this long. You've saved us many years of heartache."
"We can't deny that some good has come from all of this even if we pay with sadness."

Cameo and Bodica meet at last. It goes surprisingly well.

The down side to moving to a new house? Michele finds herself sharing a room with her almost step-aunt who is a huge slob.
"It's really hard to concentrate in here when I can smell your dirty laundry."

"You could always go downstairs if you don't like it in here," Jolie retorts.
Michele sighs, "It's my room too and I should be able to be comfortable in it."
"Correction," Jolie interrupts, "That half is your room and this half is mine. Do what your want with yours and I'll do what I like with mine. You don't see me complaining when you're burning a billion kinds of incense all at once."
"I do that to mask the smell of your curdled yogurt and month's old laundry."
"Live and let live my friend."

Before long it's Lindsay's birthday. Rebecca chooses this day to pop back up.
"I want to see her, Jude! You can't keep her from me," she hisses.
"You shouldn't even be here. It's her birthday and you're causing a scene."
"You're keeping my daughter from me."
"You had no problem turning your back on her when she was born. What's changed?"

Rebecca crosses her arms and clenches her jaw.

"It's time for the birthday girl to celebrate," Varinia calls out. "Gather around everyone."

There are some obvious family member's missing but Varinia tries not to let that cloud this evening for her.

It's a good birthday for Lindsay.

"Just come back to my place with Lindsay. We can start over. We can make it work."

"Are you dense? There is no we, Rebecca. There is you in all of your selfish glory and then there is me, trying to build a real life for my family. I want nothing to do with you."
"I'm selfish? You abandoned me in a hospital room to go play house with a woman you barely knew. Now you're dragging her along pretending you're some little family when we both know you'll skip out the second the next pretty thing walks past."
Jude clenches his fist at his side and grits his teeth, "You're forgetting the part where you cheated on me, broke up with me, and then tried to extort money out of me in exchange for custody of our child. I'll happily give you the simoleons if I never have to see your callous, heartless, face again."
Rebecca perks up, "You'll give me the money?"
Jude's jaw goes slack, "You're unbelievable. Yes, I'll get you the money, just leave us alone!"
"Happily," Rebecca says. "Give Lindsay a kiss from me."
"Please leave before I report your for trespassing."

While Jude and Rebecca hash out Lindsay's future the Van Hofwegen's enjoy a boisterous family get together.

"I haven't retired yet," Michael admits. "I feel like I should keep going as long as Amira does. She values hard work more than anyone I have ever met."
"Ah, but retirement is very nice," Selma says. "I can't believe you've held out this long."


"I feel like a private investigator when I read palms. Everyone starts just gushing their secrets and I get paid. I don't even have to try to gather any information. It's fantastic!" Dahlia gushes.
"Teaching is the exact opposite of that."

"Mauricio is at home with the baby. I think I'm going to propose soon."
Claude nods but honestly has no idea who Mauricio is or even that Barnaby has a child.
"You have no idea who I'm talking about do you?" Barnaby asks.
"I'm sorry but I don't. You were all just little tykes a few days ago."
"Seriously, grandpa?"

Jude rejoins the party and immediately pulls Vera in to a kiss.
Vera grins, "What was that for?"
"You know I love you, right? I'd marry you right now if I could."
"I know," Vera says as she gently rubs Jude's arm. "I know."

It's a slow morning following such an exciting night.

"You're going to be old enough to move out soon. What do you think you'll do?"
"I don't know. All I can think about right now is getting on the honor roll and going to the formal."
"Did Rickey ask you?"
Jolie rolls her eyes, "Gosh, dad, I asked him and he was thrilled."
"Good for you, Jolie! Don't sit around waiting for other people to make things happen."

Lindsay certainly isn't waiting to make things happening. She learns to walk almost instantly.

Michele focuses on getting some fresh air. It certainly beats being stuck in a stinky room with Jolie.

Growing family.

Michele has been looking for a dance date that isn't weirdly almost related to her. She's having little luck.

"I think that's a planet," Claude points out.
Varinia hums quietly, "Let's just enjoy each other's company, love."

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Chapter 3.4: Somewhere Between Here and There

"We should just get married and stop sneaking around like we're teenagers," Jude says in the lobby of his apartment building.
"We should get all our ducks in a row. You need to finalize your divorce and there's the matter of Rebecca. . ."
Jude cuts her off with a heavy sigh, "Why do we have to talk about Rebecca? I wish I had never gotten involved with her."
Vera steals a kiss.
"I'm not running away," she assures him, "I'm in this."
"I wish I had meet you first."
"Me too."

These days Vera finds herself almost exclusively tutoring her cousins' children. She longs to have a child of her own but things are still very complicated with Jude.

"Is a planet an invertebrate?" Moshe asks.
"You're such a doofus," Vivian whispers under her breath.
"Planets are not animals and therefore are not invertebrates. A jellyfish or an insect would be considered an invertebrate."

"Michele, you made it."
"My dad made me come. What did you want to talk about?"
"As you know, your dad and I have been seeing each other for a little while now."
"I'd have to be an idiot not to notice all the sneaking around. So what?"
"Well, it's getting a little more serious and I'd like to ask you both to move in with me and my family. I'd like to take this next step forward with your blessing."
"What does it matter?" Michele asks harshly. "You'll get bored and take off just like everyone else my dad has ever dated. Why do we need to move?"
"Michele, I have no intentions of leaving. I'd like to marry your father one day."
"Yeah, right! Who's going to want to take on a man with TWO kids. You do know he has another kid on the way, right?"
Vera lets out a shaky breath that she didn't even know she was holding.
"I'm aware. I want you to be comfortable with our relationship and I hope to be able to build a relationship with you too."
Michele frowns and sighs, "Whatever, I guess it's fine."

"How's it going over here," Jude asks.
"I guess we're moving?" Michele says abruptly. "If you want to that is."
"Oh?" Jude looks between Michele and Vera. "Is that so?"
"I was thinking about what we talked about this morning and, yes, I'd like you all to move in so we can start building our family."
Jude grins from ear to ear, "We'd love to."
"Um, I have to go to work so I guess I'll see you guys later."

Vera and Jude bump into Jess as they start to make plans to move in.
"Haven't seen you around much lately," Vera points out.
"Been super busy with all my roadie work," Jess admits. "I wasn't even aware you were dating someone knew."
Vera blushes, "Yeah, Jude's moving in soon."
Jude nods, "Hopefully sooner rather than later."
"Very cool. He's better looking than your last beau."
Jude stifles a laugh.
"Well it's true!"
Jude's cell goes off right then and Vera watches his smile fade.
"That was the hospital, I have to go."
"Is everything ok? Is Michele ok?" Vera asks frantically.
"Rebecca is in labor. I'm sorry I have to go. I'll call you later!"
"Who's Rebecca?" Jess asks.
Vera sinks her head into her hands.
"His pregnant, unstable, evil, mooch of an ex."
Jess' eyes go wide, "Oh."
Vera sighs, "Yeah."

"This is Lindsay," Jude says. "I want to move in tonight."
"I don't think I even own a crib?" Vera says honestly. "What happened with Rebecca?"
"She handed the baby over and told me to leave."
"Just like that?"
Jude nods.
"I want a fresh start," Jude admits. "Let's start fresh together."

Meet Bodica.

Varina enjoys the existence of fresh blood in her house. The baby is cute too.

Writing new songs about yellow babies and men in tiny shorts.

Amira is keeping her distance. She's not sure how she feels about the instant family her daughter has brought into their home. She hasn't decided if she trusts Jude yet.

Michele and Jolie start hanging out. It's weird to be in high school at the same time as your potential step-aunt.
"Do you know how to cook fish for dinner?" Michele asks.
"I'm a vegetarian. I'll probably just throw any fish I catch back."

Three men and a baby.

Bodica is a kitten no more but only Jolie notices.

"Are you going to sue for custody?"
"This burger is great! Much better than hospital food." Rebecca exclaims around a mouth full of food.
"Rebecca, I'm here to talk about Lindsay."
"I gave her to you didn't I? What more do you want?"
"Will you sign over your rights?"
"You've got the kid, isn't that enough?"
"I want full custody."
"And I want to be able to see my daughter some times but maybe you could convince me with a few hundred thousand simoleons"
Jude hangs his head, "Don't do this to us. Just let us go."
"She's MINE too," Rebecca spits out through clenched teeth. "I should be compensated if you expect me to just walk away."
Jude stands suddenly, "This isn't over."
Rebecca smirks, "It never will be."

Michele thought living here would be weird but having someone to hang out with and do homework with is pretty sweet.
"What'd you get for 2?" Jolie asks.
"Unethical business practices."
"Of course!"

She may not trust Jude entirely but it's not this baby's fault. Amira inspects Lindsay and then snuggles her close.
"I suppose you're almost my granddaughter."
Lindsay gurgles and sighs.

If Jude has any hopes of paying Rebecca off he needs to start bringing in some simoleons of his own. The equestrian center calls his name.

Varinia plays with the adorable yellow baby and blows raspberries until her lips go numb.
"You remind me of my Maeve. Such a sweet baby."
Varinia wipes at a stray tear.

The garden is coming into it's own. Even the gnomes have taken notice.

Amira works away in the garden making sure her family has fresh ingredients at all times. With a growing family comes growing needs.

"Does the cat enjoy this at all?" Michael asks.
"I don't know but it's pretty funny," Michele admits.
"Fair enough."

I just realized I never gave you all Dahlia's adult stats.

Dahlia Van Hofwegen
Great Kisser
Loves the Heat

And our other additions as follows:

Jude Hubbard
Green Thumb

Michele Hubbard
Can't Stand Art
Socially Awkward

Lindsay Hubbard

Bodica Hubbard
And for the sake of keeping track Lindsay's mother really is a gem.

Rebecca Jeffrey

I didn't realize that Jude had another child on the way until after he started a relationship with Vera and then I felt awful for being such a terrible sim!goddess and not keeping track of what was going on in my town. It helps that Rebecca is a total psycho so I didn't feel too bad taking her child away.